Why I Think Pamphilon Was Wrong for Leaking Gregg Williams Footage


By no means am I trying to defend Gregg Williams.

I'm just saying that in doing what he (Pamphilon) did, he's putting the relationship between Steve Gleason (who's already dying from Lou Gehrig's disease as it is), and the New Orleans Saints organization at jeopardy.

To me, it's baffling that he didn't think about that before leaking the footage.

From what I understand, the footage Pamphilon obtained was gathered while doing a documentary on Steve's life.

While I applaud Pamphilon's initiative to out the deplorable acts of Gregg Williams, I just don't understand what he had to gain out of doing so.

At this point, Gregg has already been suspended from the NFL indefinitely, so it's not like he's dropping some huge information that's going to add fuel to the fire of the decision Gooddell hands down on Gregg, because the ruling has already been decided, and Gregg isn't even appealing it.

I just don't get it.

What's the motive?  And whatever the motive is, I guess it's worth jeopardizing the relationships between a dying man who's documentary you're in charge of, and the organization that allowed you to sit in on their meetings and stuff, huh?

I guess…

What do you think?  Am I missing something here?  Hit me up on Twitter!  @alvingrier

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This New “Review all Turnovers” Rule in the NFL is Ridiculous


Have you heard about the owners voting to review all turnovers?  It's absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.  

I could be wrong (certainly won't be the first time), but this has got to be about money.

The more pauses in play, the more commercials there are.  I could be wrong though, but this is my spot to rant, so I'm using it.

What about obvious turnovers like interceptions?  Why even waste time on a replay?

I'm sure coaches appreciate not having to use their challenges on turnovers, but why not have a referee make the judgement of whether or not a replay is necessary after a specific turnover?

OK, I'm done with my rant.

What do you think about this rule?  It's not a big deal, but for the owners, it just may be just that.

A good ($) deal.

If you want, hit me up on Twitter to rap about it.

I'm out.

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American Football as We Know It… Are we “Losing It?”


While reading about the former Australian rugby player Hayden Smith's forthcoming NFL debut, I couldn't help but wonder if the same thing is happening in football that's happened with basketball already.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that there are way" more international players in the NBA than there used to be. 

And as the NFL continues it's initiative to expand to overseas, I can't help but wonder if the same thing is going to happen with NFL players.

I wonder if the already incredible odds for an American-born athlete to play in the NFL are going to diminish like they have for American-born basketball players. 

It's simple math.  The more international players on the team, the less American-born players are going to get an opportunity.  

It's that simple.

I think the already slim chances the average American-born player has of playing in the NFL are going to go down over time, as more and more countries learn and embrace American football.

I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing, it's just merely an observation.

But what do you think about it, though?  Leave a comment below, or catch me on Twitter, and let's rap about it.  I love to talk!  

…like you didn't know that already.



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Tips for All Six Combine/Pro Day Drills


Being that it's pro day season, I thought I'd post a link to the National Athletic Testing Systems combine drill page, where they videos, tips and other good information that can help you improve your performance in all of the combine drills, including the 40 yard dash.

Note: click on the underlined words Speed, Strength, and Agility to get to the informaiton.

Warning: If you see something that goes against what your trainer has been teaching you for your pro day, run what you read/see by them before changing up your technique.

Good luck fellas!

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Last Minute Prep Tips for Pro Day 2012


Not trying to scare you guys that have pro days coming up, but you might want to take heed to what scouts are saying after Orson Charles' pro day Monday at University of Georgia.

Bottom line, especially for guys that didn't go to the Combine, and were already fringe-level guys at best, you'd better show up ready to perform.

Here's a post on what to expect at your pro day.  

This post gives you insight on how scouts will look at your results. 

This post tells you the numbers you should be shooting for in each of the drills. 

Here's part one on a series I did on mental preparation techniques you can use to get your mind right in the hours leading up to your pro day (part two will be dropping sometime over the next week).

Good luck!


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Why We’re Going a Little Overboard With the Gregg Williams/Saints Situation


I was just reading Steve Young's opinion that the Saints should be sued by any opponent who got injured against them over the last few years, and I have to say that I think that's a little over the line.

Now granted, paying player's incentives to hurt other players isn't right, but how many times were the Saints flagged for playing outside of the boundaries of the game?

Were they penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct more than the average NFL team over the time span that Gregg Williams was there?

If not, what are you suing them for, exactly?

If they weren't penalized for doing anything illegal, how can you sue them for playing the game?  The most they could do is hit you harder than they normally would during the course of a play.  

How is that grounds for getting sued? 

Now if you stepped on a guy's bicep or something, and injure him, that's something different.

Was Gregg Williams wrong for what he did?  Absolutely.  Does Gregg Williams and/or the Saints deserve to be punished?  The jury's still out on that one (pun intended).

What do you think?  Do you disagree with me?  Leave a comment below, or hit me up on Twitter to rap about it.

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Quick Way to Help Your “Character” Assessment in the Eyes of NFL Scouts


After reading about Marzett Geter getting his scholarship offer pulled due to some stuff he said on Twitter, I got inspired to talk about this, because it can kill your image, especially when it comes to NFL teams.

My message is simple:

"Pro teams read your Twitter!"

Look, people's opinions of you are based on what they know, see, or hear about you.  

If you tweet about illegal activities, curse, or just sound like a flat-out idiot on your Twitter, don't be surprised if NFL teams have a less than favorable opinion of your personal character.

I spoke to a player a few weeks ago, who told me that a team actually asked him about the meaning of his Twitter @ name.  These teams want to know who they're investing in, and you'd better believe they're taking a look at what you're putting out there about yourself.

Every time you Tweet, just imagine an NFL GM reading what you're tweeting, or post on Facebook.


Because they just might be.

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