Why I Think the SEC Will Continue to Dominate


This morning, while reading about the SEC dominating the 2012 NFL draft with 42 players drafted (Big Ten was second with 41) in the 2012 draft, I couldn't help but wonder if this domination will ever stop.

In my opinion, the answer is no.

The national champion of college football has came from the SEC, in each of the last six years.

Yeah, you read that right.

Below, you'll find my personal explanation as to why the SEC's dominance will continue.  I'm not saying they're going to win all of the upcoming national championships, but I don't think that the SEC will never ever completely "fall off."

The southeast is a hotbed for football talent.  Football is serious down south.  States like Texas, Georgia, and Florida produce boat loads of talent.  

Combine that with the fact that guys from the region get to bptj play for big time programs, and stay relatively close to home, where more of their family and friends can make it to their games, and it's a no brainer for most of these guys to go to SEC schools.

Plus, if you go to school close to home, it's wayyyy easier (and cheaper) to get home during the few breaks you get as a student-athlete.
On top of that, people "love" to be a part of something special, it's just human nature.  Because of the SEC's dominance on the field as well as well as in the draft, they're going to continue to attract the top players, which is the biggest reason why I don't think the SEC's success on the field and in the draft won't stop anytime soon.

What do you agree?  Let me know.  Leave a comment below, or catch me on Twitter @alvingrier 

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