My Excuse for Being Terrible in Madden


I know it's only Tuesday, but this has been a loooong week for me, so I thought I'd be a little light hearted on this one.

I was reading this article about Cam Newton being the perfect choice to break the Madden curse, and it dawned on me just how long it's been since I stopped playing Madden on a regular basis.

Every now and then (like twice a year), I'll begrudgingly agree to a game or two of Madden at one of my friend's cribs, and to be honest, I usually do ok.

The big deal with me is I'm intimidated by all the doggone buttons on the joysticks nowadays!  

Add to that, all the special moves and adjustments and crap you can make, and it's downright intimidating to play somebody that plays all the time.

What was my point?  I don't know.  Just needed something to bitch about, I guess.  

Am I wrong though?  What do you think?  Are you a "beast" on Madden?  Am I making it sound harder than it is?  Leave a comment, or hit me on Twitter!  @alvingrier 

Back to work I go.  I'm out.

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