Why I Think Pamphilon Was Wrong for Leaking Gregg Williams Footage


By no means am I trying to defend Gregg Williams.

I'm just saying that in doing what he (Pamphilon) did, he's putting the relationship between Steve Gleason (who's already dying from Lou Gehrig's disease as it is), and the New Orleans Saints organization at jeopardy.

To me, it's baffling that he didn't think about that before leaking the footage.

From what I understand, the footage Pamphilon obtained was gathered while doing a documentary on Steve's life.

While I applaud Pamphilon's initiative to out the deplorable acts of Gregg Williams, I just don't understand what he had to gain out of doing so.

At this point, Gregg has already been suspended from the NFL indefinitely, so it's not like he's dropping some huge information that's going to add fuel to the fire of the decision Gooddell hands down on Gregg, because the ruling has already been decided, and Gregg isn't even appealing it.

I just don't get it.

What's the motive?  And whatever the motive is, I guess it's worth jeopardizing the relationships between a dying man who's documentary you're in charge of, and the organization that allowed you to sit in on their meetings and stuff, huh?

I guess…

What do you think?  Am I missing something here?  Hit me up on Twitter!  @alvingrier

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