Quick Way to Help Your “Character” Assessment in the Eyes of NFL Scouts


After reading about Marzett Geter getting his scholarship offer pulled due to some stuff he said on Twitter, I got inspired to talk about this, because it can kill your image, especially when it comes to NFL teams.

My message is simple:

"Pro teams read your Twitter!"

Look, people's opinions of you are based on what they know, see, or hear about you.  

If you tweet about illegal activities, curse, or just sound like a flat-out idiot on your Twitter, don't be surprised if NFL teams have a less than favorable opinion of your personal character.

I spoke to a player a few weeks ago, who told me that a team actually asked him about the meaning of his Twitter @ name.  These teams want to know who they're investing in, and you'd better believe they're taking a look at what you're putting out there about yourself.

Every time you Tweet, just imagine an NFL GM reading what you're tweeting, or post on Facebook.


Because they just might be.

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