Will We EVER Find a Way to Make the Pro Bowl Better?


While checking out Bill Barnwell's "We Really Need to Fix the Pro Bowl" post at Grantland.com, I honestly felt like he had some decent ideas, but none of that stuff, in my opinion, is going to get our minds off the horrible product on the field.

As he mentioned, players have Pro Bowl incentives in their contracts and the like, so the Pro Bowl probably isn't going anywhere any time soon.

But the ideas he had, like providing "Madden-like" camera views, letting viewers listen in on the coaches communicating and making calls, and other gimmicks, won't get the true football players eye off of the quality of the game itself.  

At least for me it wouldn't..

Although something definitely needs to be done, I don't know what.  

Shoot, if I was in the league, and made it to the Pro Bowl, I definitely wouldn't be playing hard.  

Getting hurt in a meanningless game, a possibly risking a career-ending injury, is wayyy to possible, on any given play.

It would take a whole hell of a lot of incentive to get me to play hard in the Pro Bowl.

How do you think the Pro Bowl could get better?  Leave a comment below, or better yet, let's chat about it on Twitter.  Hit me up at @alvingrier

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