NFL Regional Combines Home Office Says “Scouts WILL Be In-Attendance”


OK, according to the good ole folks at the office of the NFL Regional Combines, scouts will be attending the Regionals and Super Regional events.

Yesterday, some people over Twitter stated that NFL scouts won't be attending these events.  One gentleman said that scouts won't be there because "it's against NFL rules for players to be charged to attend such an event."

Welp, earlier, I ran that by a nice young lady at the NFL Regional Combine home office, and she told me that that's not true.

She went on to say that 29 or the 32 NFL teams were in attendance for the NFL Super Regional that took place in 2011 (that I attended myself).  

The one in 2011 took place before the Elite Combines were officially was bought-out by the NFL, so there's no reason why less would show up now that it's the official supplemental combine for the NFL.

She then told me that the NFL sends at least one representative from four different teams to each of the Regional events, and the other teams that will be in attendance won't be known until about a week before the events, because of travel schedules.  

I assume this is also because teams want to wait to find out who's registered for the events first.  If I worked for a team, I know I'd want to make sure a player will be there that we're interested in, before I committed to being here.  Again that's just my opinion.

So don't get mad at me if you go, and no scouts show up.  I'm just telling you what I was told a few minutes ago. 

By NO MEANS am I vouching for them.  All I can go on is what I was told from the source.

Whether or not you go, is up to you.  However, I can say that if I was from a smaller school, and could use all the exposure I could get, I would seriously consider attending. 

If you would like to call and ask them some questions about the combines yourself, give them a call at 212.450.2434.

Good luck.

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