How to Train for Your Pro Day on Your Own


Everybody isn't fortunate enough to have an agent that's paying for training. 

And for those that can train at school, unless you have a well-funded strength and conditioning program, you still don't have any direction.  

You aren't strategically training to get better at what scouts are going to look for at your Pro Day. 

What's the use of training, if you don't have a plan behind what you're doing?

Success is never certain, but success is a lot harder to get when you don't have a strategy.

What I'm saying is, lifting like a bodybuilder, and running laps ain't gonna cut it.  

I've put together a list of drills that will help you get better at most of the skills and abilities scouts look for in players at your position. 

Now will these drills be a better option than having a human trainer that has a specific workout designed just for you, and a specific diet?  Hell no, but it's probably better than what you were going to do on your own. 

To get to the drills for your position, go to, and type your position in the search box in the upper right-hand corner.  Click the 'search' button, and a bunch of posts will show up.  You may have to sort through them a bit to find the right post(s), but it's (they're) there.

Good luck.

And be on the lookout, because I have a manual releasing soon that will help you too.  "Move the Chains: The Undrafted Football Player's Guide to Tackling a Pro Football Career" will be available soon at, and from

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