2012 NFL Draft – Backup Plan for those With Little Chances of Getting Drafted


I don't declare to be a know-it-all, but I feel I "gotta" say this…

If you just finished your last season of college ball, and you have  little chances of getting picked-up as an undrafted free agent after the 2012 draft, stop putting all your eggs in one basket!

Every year, players with ridiculously slim shots at landing in the NFL out of college fail to realize that if they miss a year of pro football experience out of college, they've put themselves behind the eight ball.

Think about it…  Why would an NFL team want you a year from now, after not playing football at all, when they have players to choose from that just finished college?

I'm not saying to settle for less and not shoot for the NFL.  I'm just saying that the competition is fierce at all levels, let-alone the NFL.

If chances are that you won't go to the league right out of college, consider making a bio for yourself, and shoot it out to some teams in lesser-leagues to see if you can land a roster spot in the CFL, UFL, IFL, or Arena League..  

That way, you have some insurance, if you will, so you can have some kind of pro experience, instead of going a year doing nothing.

(Just so you know, the links above are to pages that have most of the email accounts you can use to send your bio in to)

I'm out.

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