If You Ran the Colts, What Would YOU Do?



I was checking out an article on ProFootballTalk about the Colts, and their little dilemma, and it dawned on me how this organization is truly between a rock and a hard place.

It goes against your pride as a professional and a man to go out and lose on purpose. If, as a GM or coach, you go to your players and ask them to throw a game, your players would lose respect for you, and that would "definitely" leak out to the media eventually.  Who would want that?

But on the other hand, who are we kiddin'?  The Colts are playing for nothing, at this point.  They have more to gain by losing than winning.  Now any draft pick is a gamble, and Andrew Luck is no different, but the Colts have the opportunity to have a Hall of Fame quarterback, in Peyton Manning, and a successor, in Andrew Luck, with the same potential and expectations.

I don't know if any other NFL team has ever had that kind of luck before (no pun intended… actually it's intended).  

And what may be the most ironic of it all, is that they need to "lose" to get the prize.  

Strange how life works sometimes, isn't it?

If you were the Colts, would you lose on purpose?  Leave a comment, why don'tcha?

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