The Dark Reality of Life in the NFL


While checking out former NFL WR Nate Jackson's article on the culture of painkillers in the NFL, I couldn't help but think about how much guys risk for the sport.

And while thinking "that", I then started to think about how unsure I am that playing in the NFL is worth what you get in return; "unless" you save and invest wisely with the money you make.

If you wonder what I'm talking about, check out this part, where Nate likens the NFL to a machine, that's indifferent to the parts that it's made-up of:

The N.F.L. is a machine. The operators of the machine pull its levers more frantically every season, pushing it past its breaking point. So the league has stockpiled interchangeable spare parts. The broken ones are seamlessly replaced and the machine keeps rolling. The old pieces are discarded and left to rust in a scrap heap. 
This harsh reality is softened by human relationships. Football players spend every day with the members of their team’s medical staff. They learn to trust them. The athletic trainers nurse the players back to health when they are injured. The team doctors perform their operations. Friendships are formed and bonds are created. But underneath it all hums the machine. 
Athletic trainers are paid to keep the machine humming. The long-term health of the individual player is not their first concern; the health of the team is. The faster a trainer gets his players back on the field, the more likely he’ll be to keep his job. Trainers are under pressure to do this by masking a player’s pain with drugs and designing a hasty rehabilitation schedule, even if it inevitably trades one injury for the next.

After reading that, all I could say was "Wow."  

Don't get me wrong, though.  I know you're busting your ass, hoping and praying for a shot in the NFL.  That's fine, I was once in that same position. 

But if you're blessed to make it, please be wise with what you earn, otherwise you'll end up a broke, permanantly injured 28 year old, looking to start your life, with nothing to your name but the brief glory you had from your stint in "The League."

Is that what you want?  

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