Tim Tebow’s Success: Is GOD Really the Reason?


Not sure if you heard (or care), but Tim Tebow's pastor in Colorado says the Broncos have won 6 in a row because of Tim's favor with God.

Now I've learned from experience that one sure-shot way to piss somebody off is to start talking religion.  I like you, so I'm going to tread lightly on this one, but here me out.

How fair is it to say that the Broncos are winning because of Tim Tebow's favor with God?  Does that mean that God cares so much more about Tebow that He (or She) is allowing Tim Tebow's team to win these games?  

If so, aren't you basically saying that God prefers Tim Tebow over the Believers on the other teams that the Broncos are playing?  

Don't get me wrong, though.  I have no issue with Tebow proudly boasting his religious beliefs.  As I've said before, the world would be a much better place if more people embraced spirituality; and if God is leveraging Tim Tebow to make that happen, I'm all for it.

I just wished it was possible to get to the bottom of whether God is really involved in this or not.  

Besides, after listening to NFL analyst after NFL analyst struggle to come up with a legitimate reason as to why/how the Broncos keep pulling out these wins under Tebow, I can't help but wonder…

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