Wanna Play in the NFL? You Need to Get-Along With Your Coach.


While it's true that you can be an asshole and still get to the league, trust me when I say that you should do your best to get along with your coaches, especially your position coach.

As we covered in our interview with a real-life scout, scouts will definitely talk to your coaches when they visit campus, to find out about your attitude, work ethic, leadership, and more.

And don't expect your coach to lie on your behalf.  

Why?  Think about it…  Most coaches have aspirations of coaching at higher levels, be it the NFL or just a bigger school.  

If they lie about your character, they're basically vouching for you.  If it gets found out that they lied to the scouts that came on campus, it can cost your coach his reputation with those scouts, and ultimately the teams that the scouts represented.  Which ultimately can hurt their chances for advancing their coaching career.

So even though you may hate his guts sometimes, if you think you really have a shot at playing pro, it's in your best interest to do your best to get along with him.


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