Why People Need to Stop Hatin’ on John Fox and Tebow.


I was just checking out Bleacher Report's article predicting that Andy Reid will be fired after the season, and it made me think about the Tebow situation out in Denver.

As I've said plenty of times, I'm all for John Fox embracing Tebow's talents and operating their offense around his abilities (and lack thereof).


Well, in case you forgot, the Eagles finished 10-6 last year, which ain't bad, and finished 11-5 in 2009.  Yet and still, nowadays, Andy Reid's name can commonly be heard in the same sentence as a phrase that rhymes with "cop speak."  

That's "hot seat", in case you didn't catch that.

So I applaud John Fox, because this shows you why the NFL stands for "Not for Long."  They'll love you today, and throw you away to the wolves the next, so you'd better do what you gotta do to win.  Today.

It's a dirty game.

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