Should the NCAA Get Involved with the Penn State Debocle?


I was just checking out Bleacher Report's article on whether or not the NCAA should be getting involved with the Penn State situation, and I thought I'd offer my opinion.

Well, my opinion is that you gotta be out your mind if you thought I'd comment on this thing publicly.  No sir'ree, not me!  I'll be doggone if I let a silly public comment on something this major bite me in the butt down the line somehow.  

Granted, I know I'm a nobody in the grand scheme of all this stuff, but still, it ain't worth it to comment publicly.  How would I look preaching to clients about being careful what they say in public and on Twitter, if I'M postin' stuff I might regret, myself?

I posted a friggin' "joke" on Twitter last Friday that I heard was mentioned on South Park about this Penn State, and I got some real bad feedback on it, so I "learned" my lesson.

Anyways, take care, and talk soon.

Oh, and here's the little South Park skit, in case you missed it. 

"We like to have fun here."  (You'd have to watch… the video… to get that one)

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