Mr. Sandusky, Why Ya Talkin’?


I was checkin' out this post at Bleacher Report about Sandusky's appearance on Rock Center tonight, and the question dawned on me, "why the hell are you talking, dude?" 

I just switched over to NBC, and I think I missed his interview, but I'm sure it'll be on Youtube soon…

Anyways, back on-topic…  What the heck does Sandusky have to gain with an interview like that?  Let-alone the fact that he admitted to taking showers with the boys, and admitted to touching their legs, and hugging them in the showers, "without intent of sexual contact."

Yeah.  And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, if you're in the market for one.

The fact that this guy mentally thought it was smart to do an interview makes it even more obvious that he's guilty, in my opinion.  Sicko.

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