How the HECK is Plaxico the Second-Most Unliked Guy in the NFL?


I was checkin' out Dan Gaziano's new article on the NFL Nation Blog on a few minutes ago about a poll they did over at, where they found that Vick is the most disliked player in the league.  

I'm not gonna beat a dead horse with the Vick thing (no pun intended)…  second thought, I am, but quickly; How the HECK is Michael Vick the most disliked person when he killed dogs, and others in the league have killed actual human beings (mind you by accident, but still)?  I don't get that.

But anyways, back on track.

How the HECK is Plaxico, a man that did two years of prison time for making a mistake and shooting HIMSELF the second most disliked guy in the league?  It's not like he ran in the club and opened fire on people, he was just trying to protect himself, and made a mistake.  

To the people that don't like Plaxico, I kinda ask, what did he do to YOU?  I'm mean, really?

If it was up to me, the results from this stupid poll would be on C'mon Man tonight for Monday Night Countdown.

We gotta do better.

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