Slimeball Agents? What about Slimeball Clients?


If you care much about the industry of sports representation, you might wanna check out Sports Agent Blog from time-to-time, Darren Heitner writes some good quality stuff over there. 

Anyways, I was just checking out one of his latest entries, On To The Next One [We Think?] – Ivan Nova and it really got me to thinking about how crapped-on agents are in pro sports.  

Way-too often, agents get depicted as slimeballs, and while there are some, there's a bunch of slime ball clients out there too.  For example, there's the act-like-I'm-switching-agents-to-get-two-agents-working-for-me-at-the-same-time trick, that just about any agent that's been in the business for just a few months has experienced.

Not to mention that all the work that agents have to do to gain a client, when all a client has to do is send a fax or a letter saying "thanks, but I'm going in a different direction."

Mind you, I don't know Ivan Nova, nor any of his past or current agents, so I'm not saying he's one of the slimeball clients, I'm just saying that this article got me to thinking, that's all.  

Ok, I'm done.

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