Suck for Luck Update via @draftace


I was just checking out Suck for Luck Update by Ryan McCrystal from, and it made me realize how it would really make sense for Andrew Luck to go to Indy.

All week, I'd been thinking about how cruel the NFL is…  I mean, how dare a team to betray someone that's meant so much to the organization, to even consider drafting a highly-touted quarterback like Andrew Luck, but now I get it.

Peyton's 35, coming off an obviously serious neck injury.  And I'm sure the Colts would love to have him back for a few more years of production; not only so he can put up Peyton Manning numbers and lead their offense like old times, but so Andrew Luck, maybe the most-hyped college quarterback of all times, can learn from the guy for a few years.

I get it.  I totally get it.  It's actually a win-win for everybody involved.  Except, maybe Peyton Manning.

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