Tony Dungy on Fatherhood, and the Movie “Courageous” via @TonyDungy and @joecucch


I just checked out Tony Dungy's short take on the movie Courageous, and it hit me hard.

You see, daddy's little princess is just over a year old, and she's changed my life.  

Even though I know who my dad is, he's never played a major part in my life, so when I knew my daughter was on the way, I sought help to help me prepare; to keep me from replicating my own experience with my dad (or lack thereof) with my own daughter.

One of the things I did, besides seeking counseling, was read What All Little Girls Need & What Most Women Never Had: Healthy, Loving Relationships with Their Fathers, a book that's helped change my life for the better, that's helped me understand the importance of my (then) upcoming role as a father.  

I'm extremely grateful that I was led to read that book.  I'm far from a perfect dad, but I can't help but think I'm a better dad than I would've been if I never recognized that I needed help in putting a stop to the cycle of daddy not being around, that's running rampant in my community.  

I will be sure to check out the movie Courageous, and if you're a soon-to-be father, or already are, I suggest you give it a read.  (ok, Joe, where's my check….  I kid, I kid)

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