@ChrisHarrisNFL Shows How to Handle Twitter Haters


I was just checking out one of Chris Harris' (safety for the Bears) latest posts where he posts and responds to a lot of the "hate tweets" he got after the Monday Night Game, and I felt he handled it in an awesome way.

I've commented in the past about how to properly leverage Twitter as a pro athlete in the past, and he followed tip #4 to a T.  

Great job, Chris.  I wish more athletes and celebrities understood how pointless it is to get into "twitter beefs."  Most people wouldn't have the courage to say that mess in your face, anyways.  

Chris had way more to lose than to gain by engaging in confrontations with these people.  Sure cussing a couple of them out would feel good, but would it be worth the potential hit to your public persona, which can hurt your post-career opportunities?  Hell no.

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