Is Rex Ryan On the Hot Seat??


Reading this article by Paul Williamson at Bleacher Report a few minutes ago made me think about just how right I was when I thought that Rex Ryan was out of his mind to publicize his prediction about winning a Super Bowl this season.

Now, I'll admit, if they were doing better, this topic wouldn't have came up, but c'mon, man.  Just what exactly is there to gain out of saying something like that, other than unnecessary pressure on your team, and billboard material for your opponent week-in-and-out?

Rex is a defensive mastermind, and I respect the hell out of the guy, but sometimes I just don't know what he's thinking with some of the stuff he says.  

Then again, he's the pro football coach, not me, so maybe he knows what he's doing.  

Then again, maybe he doesn't.  

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