My Response (if you care) to “Lions vs. Cowboys: 5 Reasons Tony Romo Will Have His Best Game Yet in Week 4”


Jason Henry at Bleacher Report wrote a cute little post on why Romo will have his best game this week against my Lions.  I'm not going to give his nonsense too much of my time, but below are my responses to his little 5 reasons.

1. He hasn't faced a front seven like the Lions have yet

2. …okay, he has a point on that one.

3. No way is the Cowboys a "more talented team" overall

4.  He kinda has a point, Lions are ranked 21st right now in run defense.  But the season is young, dammit!

5.  Detroit's corners and linemen have been pretty disciplined so far, overall.  Tell Jason Garrett to bring it!

Have a great weekend!

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