True Statement: “Kyle Orton is a Poor Man’s Peyton Manning”


I just checked out this article by Aaron Mee over at Bleacher Report, talking about how good of a fit Kyle Orton would be for the Colts this year, and not only do I agree with him, I REALLY agreed with some thing ELSE  he said:

Kyle Orton is a poor man's Peyton Manning, when you really break down their skill sets. He is also a veteran leader that could come into a new situation and immediately earn his teams respect with his intelligence and football savvy.

Well-said.  His game ain't pretty, but he's been pretty productive.  And last year, my last playing fantasy football, I had Kyle Orton on the bench, getting 23, 25, 27 points a game, before I woke up around week 6, and got something for him in a trade.  My team still sucked.  

I'm out!

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