Arian Foster… C’mon, Son!


I have to give Arian Foster a good ole fashioned "C'mon Son" for having the nerve to tell fans they're "sick" for being more concerned about their fantasy teams than his well-being.
Are you kidding me? I have a question for you, Mr. Foster... How many people cared about you, or even knew who you were, when you were an undrafted free agent in 2009? Wait... Arian, you mean to tell me people didn't start wearing your jersey or asking for autographs until your break-out season in 2010? Get outta here! Seriously, maybe this was Arian's (apparently much needed) dose of reality that the fans screaming in the stands wearing his jersey only do so because of the production he's brought to the Houston Texans... and NOT because they care about him as a human-being. As bright as Arian is (I think he's a poet or something, right?) I would've expected him to be a little more wiser.  
By the way, Arian, if you happen to read this, much respect, my brother, I'm just sayin'...
On the real, though, this is simply a microcosm of life, where most people that are around you are around you because of some value you bring to their lives.
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