“A Week With Madden 12” by @JoeFortenbaugh


I swear, one of my goals in life is to become so successful that I have time to play video games again.  But in A Week With Madden 12 (via National Football Post), Joe Fortenbaugh almost convinced me to go buy a PS3, just to buy this new Madden game (yo Joe, how much they pay you for that interview, by the way?  Great job).

Anyways, I'll be honest, the main reason I haven't messed with Madden too much in recent years is because I'm intimidated.  It's so many damn settings and buttons, and combinations of buttons to press, that if you haven't studied and practiced, you have no shot against somebody who has the time to do so.  

Ok, I'll admit, that's my excuse I use when I get my a– handed to me on Madden.  But there's an element of truth to it, still.  You feel me, right?

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