Great Story – “Firefighters donate equipment to Marina High football”


In a sports world that's dominated with news of multi-million dollar holdouts and players and owners finding a way to split $9 Billion dollars, stories like this warm my heart a little bit.

Firefighters in Marina, California donated weightlifting equipment to the kids of the Marina High School football team, a program that's only in it's second year.  

What really hit me though, is that they felt unwanted, and no support from the community up until recently.  

I'm sure getting outscored 415-28 in their inaugural season last year had something to do with it.  

One of the kids said in the article that "…last year it seemed like people wanted us to just go away," and that the donations and newfound support "makes you feel like people care about you." 

Kudos to the Marina Fire Department for lending a helping hand, as well as Mr. Devine, for a fine article.

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