Even with the do-rag, Deion Sanders’ Hall Statue Didn’t Look Like Him


Did you check out Deion's "statue" (or bust, I guess is the right word) at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony last weekend?  All I could think when I saw it, was, "that doesn't look like Deion.  At all"

While watching his speech, I scrolled through my Twitter timeline, and surprisingly, NO ONE mentioned it.  So when I stumbled on this article by Chris Chase from Yahoo! Sports, I was excited to know that I wasn't alone.  

Check out the five people Chris says he thought the Deion statue looked more like:

1. Troy Aikman

2. A thinner Vince Lombardi (courtesy Doug Farrar)

3. Ryan Phillippe from "Cruel Intentions"

4. The hair of treasury secretary Tim Geithner

5. The neck of Merton Hanks

"Troy Aikman?", LOL!  Wait, it does kinda look like Troy Aikman….  Spooky.

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