POWERFUL Speeches By Hall of Fame Inductees Last Night


Did you miss the NFL Hall of Fame ceremonies last night?  

If so, ESPN has a fantastic run-down of the speeches.  It was inspirational.  It was motivational.  It was any other 'ational's you can think of.  

Growing up a Bears fan, it was great to see Mr. Dent finally get his just-do.  Congrats to Ed Sabol, Neon Deion, Shannon Sharpe, and Marshall Faulk as well.

What a night.  My only gripe is that Deion's statue didn't look like him, in my opinion.

Know somebody with dreams of playing pro football?  Have 'em check out Get2TheLeague.com, where I do my best to empower football players with the knowledge they need to succeed.  

The latest article explains how the average NFL player's salary is about to increase.  
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