What DID Happen to the Market for #Braylon?


Matt Bowen just wrote a damned good short article on Braylon entitled, What Happened to the Market for Braylon.  

I just thought I'd jump in with my own two cents.  

First of all, he got one of those Prove it contracts that I spoke about a few weeks ago at Get2TheLeague.com.  What's interesting is that they're normally reserved for guys that are near the end of their careers, or guys like Vick and Plax that come with some baggage and need to prove their worth again.

Well what's interesting, is that even Plax got more money this year than Braylon.  Which means something's up.  Not sure what it is, but the NFL community knows something that we don't.  

Or do we?

We all know that Braylon's had his share of legal issues.  Is that what it is?  Hell, Braylon has some good productive years in him, and he's never been to prison, unlike Plax, obviously.  

At least not yet.  

I wish Braylon the best.  Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to get a new start on thing.  Braylon just got a Prove-it contract, and I know he feels he should've gotten more money.

Now he's gotta prove it.
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