NFL Player About Roger Goodell: “He Needs to Drop His Nuts”


Shout out to Greg Rosenthal at for this article about the comments from an anonymous NFL player, who's comments suggest that all of the hype we're hearing aqbout in the meeting regarding a deal being close to done is propaganda.

I ain't gonna lie, the picture of some nuts in somebody's hand in the article had me cracking up, and enticed me to post about it.  Dumb reason, I know, but I like the sense of humor Greg shows off from time to time on

Anyways, regarding what the player was actually talking about is very valid, and could be true.  Wouldn't be the first (or the last) time an NFL owner or agent used the media to gain some leverage in a negotiation.  

It happens all that time.

Check out our newest post where we take a quick look at the Vick/Eagles deal that took place back in 2009.

Be blessed. 

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