My Thoughts on Chad Ochocinco’s Shenanigans


So Ochocinco's latest escapade was a 150 MPH trip around the race track with Jeff Burton.  So at this point he's rode bulls, tried out for a soccer team, and God knows what else.

I have to be honest and admit that at one point, I myself felt like he was doing way too much and needed to focus on football, after all, his production has taken a dive a little bit.  But after thinking about it, I think people should let the man live his life.  It's his life.  He's having fun, enjoying himself, and entertaining us.  

So leave Chad alone.  Enjoy what he brings to the world of football.  He's setting himself up for a nice post-football career.  If anything, learn from his social media savvy, and use that knowledge to empower your own career.

What's your opinion about Chad and his adventures?

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