How Do YOU Feel About the NFL Labor Situation?


This NFL labor situation is very complex.  Drew Brees had some very interesting things to say about the NFL owners in this article with Sports Illustrated.  I see it from both sides, though. 

I understand how the owners, who pay the salaries, take the financial risk, etc., have a problem splitting revenue 50-50 with the players.

On the other hand, I understand how the players feel as well.  After all, they're the ones risking their health to play this game.  They're the product that produces 8 billion dollars a year.  Why should they all of a sudden accept less money than they were making before? 

What do you think about this strike situation?

In somewhat related news, I posted a new blog regarding the art of studying current nfl rosters, and the impact it has on an undrafted free agent selecting the right team to join.

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